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SLUGME EVENT: Design and Fabrication of Vortex Turbine

SLUGME (Solid Works Largest User Group Meeting Ever) is an annual event that brings together the SOLIDWORKS user group network, providing a platform for enthusiasts and professionals to explore innovative projects and collaborate on cutting-edge design and fabrication concepts. This year, SLUGME-8 will feature a presentation on the “Design and Fabrication of a Vortex Turbine,” focusing on pico hydroelectric power generation.

SLUGME serves as a global forum where SOLIDWORKS users, designers, and engineers from around the world converge in collaboration with the Fab Foundation and Dassault Systems to learn and share their expertise in various fields. The event is renowned for showcasing the most creative and forward-thinking projects. This year, the JNW Super Fab Lab’s idea on the “ Design and Fabrication of Vortex Turbine” has been selected as one of the featured projects, and it is scheduled to take place on October 26, 2023.

The Vortex Turbine Project

Competition and Selection

The Vortex Turbine was initially conceived as part of an open competition organized by the Fab Foundation. The competition sought innovative ideas for designing small-scale hydroelectric turbines that could harness the energy of flowing water through the vortex principle, particularly suitable for pico hydro application.

Out of numerous submissions, five standout ideas for different ideas were selected where one was the design of the Vortex Turbine which was selected for further development. These ideas were considered both innovative and feasible for practical implementation. These concepts were chosen to be featured at SLUGME-8, a testament to their potential significance in renewable energy.


Design and Simulation

The core of the Vortex Turbine with the casing project is the design and simulation process, which was meticulously undertaken using SOLIDWORKS software. SOLIDWORKS provided a powerful platform for engineers and designers to create a detailed and efficient turbine design based on the vortex principle. The software allowed for accurate modeling, simulation, and optimization of the turbine, ensuring it met the requirements for pico hydro applications.


With a solid design in hand, the next step was to fabricate a prototype of the Vortex Turbine. This phase of the project was carried out at the JNW Super Fab Lab, a well-equipped facility

dedicated to rapid prototyping and fabrication. Skilled personnel and engineers worked to transform the virtual design into a physical reality.

Presentation to Dassault Systems

On October 20, 2023, an interview was conducted to present the project to Dassault Systems, a prominent technology company that specializes in 3D design, 3D digital mock-ups, and product lifecycle management solutions. During the presentation, the design of the Vortex Turbine in SOLIDWORKS and the physical prototype were showcased. This presentation served as an opportunity to demonstrate the project’s technical merits, JNW Super Fab Lab’s capability, and the skills the associated members were working on it.


The “Design and Fabrication of Vortex Turbine” project, which has earned its place at SLUGME-8, represents an innovative approach to harnessing the power of flowing water through the vortex principle. With a strong emphasis on SOLIDWORKS for design and simulation, and with the physical prototype fabricated at the JNW Super Fab Lab, this project exemplifies the fusion of cutting-edge technology and practical application. It stands as a testament to the potential of pico hydro systems and renewable energy solutions in addressing the energy needs of remote and off-grid areas.

Team Member

  1. Nirpa Raj Dangal (Associate Analyst, DRIVE)

  2. Kinley Wangchuk (Technical Supervisor, JNW Super Fab Lab)

  3. Sangay Dorji (Associate Analyst, JNW Super Fab Lab)

  4. Tshering Dorji (Technical Supervisor, JNW Super Fab Lab)

  5. Cheche (Associate Analyst, DRIVE)

  6. Roshan Rai (Technical Supervisor, JNW Super Fab Lab)